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The Mighty Fin is a musical theatre group set up in 2001 by Susannah Pearse, Kate Ferguson, Katie Daynes and Arry Fraser. They were quickly joined by Robbie Hudson, Zoe Thirlwell and others, and what started as an empty bank account, a logo, and a very definitely panto version of Cinderella has now become an annual comedy musical, each with an original script and songs, raising money for charity every year.

The group has now produced 15 musicals over the last 21 years. The previous production called "Hall of Mirrors" by Robert Hudson and Susannah Pearse was reproduced professionally on Radio 3 in March 2022.

Robert and Susannah also co-wrote the musical "Rossum's Universal Robots" for Radio 4 which was broadcast in April 2022.

About Us: About Us
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